“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

I came across this quote recently while perusing the web and it really hit me hard.

Ideas fly a mile a minute in my head but I rarely ever do anything with them. Since I’m project goal oriented (most of the time), I’m going to try something new and have this listed here. Let’s see how this goes shall we? 🙂

Do Something New. Inspire. Share.

(in what ever order)

For the Year 2014

  • Passion Shares – Trade passions with a friend. We both get to learn a new skill from each other and spend time at the same time! (More to come..)
  • Gastropost – Weekly food missions by the Gastropost team at the Calgary Herald. Read about it here.
  • Valentine’s Day Cards – Make homemade cards for seniors in partnership with a charity. Read about it here.
  • Grace’s Day Off – Plunk myself in a community I don’t usually frequent for a whole day and explore without an agenda! I originally came up with this in 2012, read here for more.
  • Postcrossing – An online project that lets you randomly send and receive postcards from around the world! Read about it here.
  • LetterMo – Sending mail everyday for the month of February. Read about here.


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