First Day of 2014 – Diary

20140101_161311[1] WELCOME 2014!!! I am super grateful to be alive and to have a chance to live this day. I waited for you, and here you are!

I woke up this morning feeling calm. It wasn’t a “sing a musical about the day” kind of wake up but it was peaceful. It was as if I knew everything would be okay.  A no expectation kind of wake up – my favorite.

After picking up the clutter left over from last night, I ate a hearty breakfast of pansit from our New Year’s feast and finally finished off the last bite of leche flan.

One of the things I’ve always loved doing is going out for walks in the morning, especially in winter. There’s something quiet magical about the crispness of the air, the crunch of snow under your feet and the way the sun just seems so much brighter. It is easy to get lost in the calmness of winter.

So that’s what I did. The temperature was -6 Celsius so I suited up and left the house. Following the sun, I found myself walking on a new path and ended up in new neighbourhoods in my community. It was so much fun exploring these new sights and looking at the various Christmas decorations. Some houses were beautifully done with window boxes reminiscent of those in malls. Inspiration galore!!IMG_20140101_105559

I continued to follow sun, and came upon a hill with a metal jungle gym. The snow was knee deep but I climbed the hill anyway, getting stuck along the way, and playfully checked the jungle gym. The last time I’ve played in a jungle gym in the winter was in elementary school. At 27 years of age, it isn’t usual to play in the playground unless accompanied by a child. But why not? Why let age dictate us how to have fun? And for that matter, why let the weather stop us from climbing jungle gyms, etc?

After some time of reflection and admiring the peacefulness of my surroundings while atop the highest tower, I needed to get down back on the ground. That’s when panic kicked in. How the heck am I going to get down from here? The slide was VERY slippery, I am afraid of heights so jumping was out of the question and the “slidey pole” was too far out and I was afraid of slipping. Coming down the way I came up was out of the question. Shit! Images of me firefighters saving me and this footage being in the 6 o’clock news shot through my mind and I started to laugh. Imagine that

Woman stuck on top jungle gym in the dead of winter.

What a laugh that would be. Finally, I decided to muster up the courage to come down in the other pole that had stairs going up along the sides. I made it down!!!

Not wearing a watch, I got lost in time but finally decided to walk back home to shovel our walkways while singing ♫ “Everyday I’m shovelling!” ♫

Towards the afternoon, I was feeling inspired by these two neighbourhood kids walking around with sleds. Having convinced the boyfriend to come out for some winter fun, we headed out of town to his Mom’s acreage and the “It was more funny than fun” adventure started. We drove around looking for a toboggan hill but we ended back in the acreage’s backyard. There was a small hill which is perfect for my bf to climb on since he hurt his back and can’t put too much pressure on it. The snow was knee deep but we persevered and made it to the top.

After both getting on the sled, this is supposed the part where we go down the hill. Eeerrmmm….no!

Oooook… we goooo!! Wheeee!!

No dice. The snow was so deep that we didn’t even budge. After laughing so hard, we both had to push ourselves by walking the sled down instead of sliding. It didn’t work out quiet how it was supposed to (like our kite adventure) but we certainly had a barrel of laughs about it making the whole experience much more AWESOME!

Here are some pics of the day:

What a sweety bear ❣
Knee deep snow
Snow angels in the sunset
1 – Ready?
2 – Here’s SNOW!!
6 – Again!!
Gingerbread Hot Chocolate



Ended the day trying out Timmies new Gingerbread Hot Chocolate! Yuumm!! Over all it was a great day to welcome the first day of a new  year and I hope this sets the tone for many more adventures to come this year.

Thank you!