Postcrossing Haul – Feb 2/14

Happy mailbox dance!!

Six postcards including my very first mail from Turkey!


Here are the cards in no particular order:

The sender of this postcard from Germany is a lover of crime stories. This is the first time I’ve received a card like this and I’m quite intrigued by the metaphor shown in this picture! Ooooo…..

This peaceful place is of the Wulingyuan Scenery  in China – Imperial Bush Peak (according to the postcard since I can’t really read Chinese) Breathtaking view!

My very first mail from Turkey! This place reminds me of the rice terraces of Philippines but the snowy version. I researched more about the Pamukkale and I am adding it to my list of places to visit now! Hot springs on terraces…cool!

This giant stamp set takes up almost ¾ of the card!

This second card from Germany has an enchanting palace. So much art and the architecture…makes me want to take more Art History courses ❤ The happy face sticker made me crack a smile ^_^ and she even wrote  the date and a picture of the weather. Love it!

This abstract card comes from Taiwan. She gave me a tip that I want share: the Taiwanese dumplings is a must try! Yuum… who doesn’t love dumplings!

Last but not least is this gnarly looking card from my neighbour down south (USA). The sender’s favorite winter sport is wave running…on a nice warm beach. While my favorite winter sport is snowmobiling…in the cold snow. So close but yet such big  differences in climate. Thanks for the introduction to this sport!

This postcard came in an envelope. Here are the stamps and stickers:


LetterMo Go! – A Month of Letters Challenge

It’s February so let LetterMo commence!

January’s Love Letters for Seniors project (Cards of Caring – Valentine’s Edition) is coming to an end. With one more week to go until Calgary Meals on Wheels’ deadline, the quota has been filled with extras thanks to the help of friends.

For a week now, I have been getting ready for the start of a new month-long project for February that combines both my love of snail mail and the ever budding hobby of crafting.

lettermoHow it works: After signing up, a LetterMo participant sends out mail for 23 days in February excluding Sundays where there’s no postal service in some areas. It also includes any reply mail if your recipient decides to send you a letter back.

I am SOOOO ready for this challenge! I found out about this 2 years ago but I had so much going on at the time that I didn’t go through with it. February is going to pick up for me but to help offset the stress, I have a list and I have a plan ^_^ And of course…I’m adding my own twist to this.

I will follow the rules by feeding the mailbox daily (min of 23 days if excluding Sundays). However, the mail will not consists of just letters. Creativity will guide me and it will be a surprise what the recipient will receive. There’s an added twist that I’ve decided to keep private for now too 😉

If you would like to receive a little something from me in the mail, please add your mailing address to my Postable at I will send mail everywhere in the world as long as there’s postal service available. However I do have a few rules:

I will NOT be sending out the following:

  • Money
  • Application Forms/Sponsorship to come to Canada (I don’t work for Immigration. As a regular citizen, I do not have that kind of influence to pull any strings. Best of luck though!)
  • Personal information (No I do not wish to cash that cheque for you)

Other than that, if you are also a LetterMo participant and are looking for someone to send mail to, please comment below. This is going to be an exciting month and I’m excited for what happens from this challenge!

Click on photo for LetterMo website.

A thought: If everyone sends mail out/into Canada, will it put a dent in helping with Canada Post’s woes?

All Day Breakfast – Gastropost Mission

Great surprise for Hump Day! I received a tweet saying my photo is in today’s (January 22, 2014) Calgary Herald – Gastropost section 😀 I am so honored!!

tweet notification

Last week’s mission was:

jan 22 banner 2

My unexpected entry is this simple homemade Sunday Brunch meal that I “whipped out” at 2 pm in the afternoon.

A bowl of rice, two slices of tomatoes, over easy eggs and sweet skinless longanisa I bought from Loriz Bakery.

Having grown up with the “normal” longanisa with skin, I was curious to see how easy the skinless version is to cook and most importantly, how it would taste.

My first impression review:

I still prefer the regular longanisa with skin. The skinless version taste dry compared to the the regular one. This is mostly due to having no skin that can encase all that oil. It might be healthier, but it’s just not that tasty. On this round…

fat = tasty = good!

To see the online copy of the article, click on the image below.

Postcrossing Haul – Jan 18/14

I am back to Postcrossing again!  Links below for what this project is about and my Postcrossing page.

This is actually my third haul for January of this year. The other dates I received postcards were on Jan 8 (x2 cards) and Jan 13 (x5 cards).

This haul consists of postcards from Russia (x2), France, Ukraine (x2), Germany and Slovenia! (This is my first mail received from Slovenia!!)


Below are the individual postcards. They are featured in no particular order.

1.  This cute card is from Germany. I really like the different designs of paper cardstock look of this postcard, the bird on the stamp made me laugh (dance bird dance!) and she even put a Hello Kitty sticker on there! Dankeschön

2. Received from France, this postcard reminds me of meditation. It’s simpleness excudes calm. And ❤ the yellow – my favorite color!

3. My mind wandered to the beach thanks to this card from Russia. Calgary is not the only one to be experiencing a warm winter at the moment. I love that she drew the flag and wrote the temperature. Also, I now have a 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi postage stamp that is bound to be collectable. Go Team Canada!

4. How very debonair is this owl! Reminds me of Sir Edgar Allan Poe. Owls are one of two of my favorite animals so it’s quite exciting to have received this in the mail. From Russia.

5. My first card from Slovenia! This picture is of Lake Bled. The sender is also a fellow Hello Kitty fan and she put three stickers on there! Hvala!

6. What a beautifully vibrant card from Ukraine! This is why I do postcrossing – to receive cards like these! Ukrainian Christmases has always intrigued me. Stamps are gorgeous as well! Дуже дякую!

I love the national clothes shown here. And the angels.

7. Last but not least, the second card from Ukraine is a handmade beauty. Made with stamps (a whole lot of them), feather, newspaper clipping, feather and wax. I am so grateful that this sender took the time to make such a beautiful card and also wrote a story in the back. This is my first postcard that was mailed inside an envelope.

Stamps galore!!

She drew a dreamcatcher that she makes with good gnomes. Interesting!

Thank you so much to all the senders. Happy Postcrossing friends! ✍


My blog introduction of the project: Postcrossing: Travel by Mail. Feel free to browse my postcard wall on my profile. My other blog posts about Postcrossing.

Cards of Caring – Valentine’s Day Edition

Remember Valentine’s Day cards and candy grams at school?

Remember the excitement of picking out the perfect box set and maybe adding goodies such as candy hearts, or the dreaded by yours truly…yuuck…cinnamon hearts?

What about the giddy feeling you had; that sense of excitement in guessing who would give you a card, even if we knew it was going to be pretty much mandatory. And let’s not forget that one card we were really looking forward to receive from – the crush, the love of our 12 year old lives!  The one that held those precious words we really wanted to see and hear –

“Will you be my Valentine?”

Let’s bring it back but this time, let’s send it to seniors in need of cheering up!

This new project is inspired by this article from DoSomething.Org which is a program they’re collaborating with Mentor Up, Meals On Wheels Association of America, and Victoria Justice (the singer/actress). The campaign is called Love Letters which according to the website is

… encourage teens to make handmade Valentine’s Day cards to lift the spirits of older adults across the country during a peak time of isolation and depression.

There’s even a PSA…

Strip away the school age requirement, the scholarship and the fact that Love Letters is for US only, we have ourselves… *drum roll please*…

CARDS OF CARING – Valentine’s Day Edition

How it works:

  1. Create homemade Valentine’s Day cards by yourself or gather friends to help out
  2. Collect cards to give to Calgary Meals on Wheels (or another charity in your area) Deadline TBD
  3. Meals on Wheels then sends them out to seniors to be included in their meal delivery service.
  4. The senior valentine receives the card and will hopefully feel loved!

I have committed to 20 cards and am reaching out to friends who helped me with the Christmas Edition for Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society. Of course, anyone else who would like to be a part of this project please comment below or contact me! Ideally, I would love to get together for craft time but seeing as how we all have busy lives, pledging to make some of the 20 cards on your own would be of great help!

The tweet from Meals on Wheels

And just like in the Christmas Edition, where we surpassed our goal of 30 cards, I’m hoping to do the same for the Valentine’s Day Edition.

I highly encourage you to join in, even if you want to do this on your own, and feel the priceless feeling of gratitude for donating your time and for warming a senior’s day this Valentine’s.

For all you on Pinterest, I’ve started a group board here so feel free to share your ideas/finds on Valentine’s Day card designs. Please let me know if you’d like to be invited.

Thank you so much and can’t wait to see your creations!