Bike ‘n Hike

0713 - Edworthy Park Hike Cyclepalooza peeps

I was in a weird funk today. The best way to get out of a grumpy, self-entitled funk is to change one’s attitude. I  decided to – last minute – join a bunch of strangers on a bike ride and then a hike at Edworthy Park.

0713 - Edworthy Park Hike path

This beautiful park was one of the casualties of the 2013 YYC flood. The twisting of mishappened wooden pathways invites one to an adventure of figuring out how to not lose your footing. I find beauty in this metaphor in life. Cliche but it works.

0713 - Edworthy Park Hike stairsBecause this was a last minute decision, I didn’t have time to think things through. I wore my “foms” that are in its last stretch and a maxi skirt. WHAT?? Yes, yes I did. And it worked out in the end. I was able to monkey around pathways and cling onto the rails for dear life. I “made it out of the woods” and was rewarded with this view. (Memory pic)

0713 - Edworthy Park Hike trainA chill evening with new people who are equally chill. I do not regret it at all. So what if I went home muddy. That’s what evening cool showers are for. So what if I didn’t do my errands. There’s still food in the fridge. There’s always another day to be a responsible adult. But the invitation to be a content and happy needs to be listened and followed through. Be one with nature. Do something spontaneous. Open up to new people and experiences.

I’m grateful for today.


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