Welcome Summer 2015!

Well hello there!

Amazing night tonight at Sled Island’s Block Party at East Village! It was such a hot day that after work, I chilled indoors to get away from that heat after being cooped up inside all day! After a few hours it cooled down and finally we had a nice breeze. Then this kitten went out to play 🙂

Where better to chill out on a Thursday night than a block party! I just LOVE block parties. It’s a way to get together and just chill in an open space. The best part for the frugal me is that it was FREE! Moving to the beat of house, hip hop and a little bit of everything curated by the HiFi club, it was more than enough to put a smile on my face. Even just observing other people move to the beat the DJs were spinning was inspiring in itself. (Note: I really want to use cool lingo here but I am just not “all up in the cool scene” so Imma stop now)Sled-Island_Flyer_2015Sled Island is one of my favorite festivals because of it’s variety in showcasing the different mediums in Calgary’s diverse but yet not well known arts community. It’s just bombdiggity (there I go again) and it screams SUMMER!

Here’s a snippet of a footage I took at the tail end of the event on Instagram >> @wanderwithgrace

A great night!

For more Sled Island: http://www.sledisland.com/